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What Is The Role Of Yoga In Preventing Lifestyle Diseases?

Role Of Yoga In Preventing Lifestyle Diseases

What Is The Role Of Yoga In Preventing Lifestyle Diseases?

In recent years, there has been an exceptional rise in lifestyle diseases. Blame it on the awareness or the overall change in lifestyle, there has been an increase in complaints about stress-related diseases or diseases caused by inactivity. Though the answer to this is simple — a healthy lifestyle. We need to first understand what is meant by lifestyle diseases. 

What are lifestyle diseases? 

Lifestyle diseases are illnesses that are mostly caused by people’s daily lifestyles. Habits that keep individuals from being active and push them toward a sedentary lifestyle can lead to a variety of health problems, including chronic noncommunicable illnesses with life-threatening effects.

To understand this better, let us look at an example.

Suppose your work expects you to be seated in the office for more than eight hours. Post work, you travel back home in a car. Following which household chores demand your attention and which means, once again you are working and not giving yourself any time. 

In an alternate situation, you wake up earlier than required and add in an hour-long slot of exercising, and meditation. You follow this up with your regular day while making some lifestyle changes such as eating healthier food and walking when possible. And rest all of it remains the same. 

It is easy to tell, that in the second situation, you are bound to be healthier and is obviously the right choice. 

However, despite knowing the benefits of choosing a healthy lifestyle, most people fail to do so. This causes a lot of lifestyle disorders.

As we begin to develop an understanding of how lifestyle diseases are caused; let us also look at how yoga helps in preventing these diseases.

Yoga is considered to be the only method to achieve total body, mind, and soul peace! The name Yoga comes from the Sanskrit word yog, which means “unity.” It is more than just a kind of physical activity and is an old way of adapting to live a better and healthier life. 

This brings us to the question, how does Yoga help in preventing lifestyle diseases? The advantages of practising Yoga are many: Yoga aids in the elimination of toxins from your body and regularises the energy flow in your body. It helps improve the body’s posture and alignment. Practising yoga also improves the flexibility of muscles and joints. It may also help in aiding weight loss. 

This being said, it is important to know what yoga poses are beneficial in helping improve your life for which it is advisable to seek professional advice. Visit our website mrunalpawar.com and learn the art of finding balance and mindfulness through yoga. 

For any inquiries regarding yoga personalized & group sessions/workshops please write at hellothere@mrunalpawar.com.

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