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A Comprehensive Guide on How to Do Purvottanasana

A Comprehensive Guide on How to Do Purvottanasana

A Comprehensive Guide on How to Do Purvottanasana

Purvottanasana and its Significance

Purvottanasana, or Upward Plank Pose, is not just a physical posture; it is a profound yogic pose with deep-rooted significance in the ancient practice of yoga. In this section, we will unravel the historical and philosophical aspects of Purvottanasana, exploring why it holds a special place in the vast tapestry of yoga.

Purvottanasana, when broken down, translates to ‘Intense Stretch of the East.’ It symbolizes the stretch and expansion of the body towards the east, the direction of sunrise, new beginnings, and rejuvenation. The pose is revered for its ability to open the heart, engage the entire body, and signify a journey towards self-discovery and spiritual awakening.

Step-by-Step Guide to Purvottanasana

Starting Position: Begin in Dandasana (Staff Pose) with your legs stretched out in front.

Hand Placement: Place your hands behind you, fingers pointing towards your feet, and slightly rotate your hands outward.

Lift the Hips: Press into your hands and lift your hips towards the ceiling, creating a straight line from your heels to your shoulders.

Engage the Core: Draw your navel in towards your spine, engaging the core muscles for stability.

Open the Chest: Lift your chest towards the ceiling, allowing your shoulder blades to draw together.

Extend the Neck: Keep the neck in a neutral position or gently drop your head back if comfortable.

Alignment Check: Ensure your knees are straight, and your weight is distributed evenly through your hands and feet.

Breath Awareness: Maintain steady and conscious breathing throughout the pose, allowing the breath to flow smoothly.

Benefits Beyond the Physical

While Purvottanasana is renowned for its physical benefits, its impact extends far beyond the confines of the physical body. This section explores the holistic advantages that practitioners can unlock through regular engagement with Purvottanasana.

Heart Chakra Activation: Purvottanasana is a heart-opening pose that stimulates the heart chakra, promoting emotional balance and compassion.

Energy Flow and Vitality: The pose facilitates the smooth flow of energy throughout the body, invigorating the entire system and enhancing vitality.

Improved Posture: Regular practice contributes to better posture, as the pose engages and strengthens the muscles responsible for spinal alignment.

Mental Clarity: The combination of physical effort and breath awareness cultivates mental focus, aiding in clarity of thought and concentration.

Stress Reduction: The act of opening the chest and engaging in a backbend helps alleviate tension and stress, promoting a sense of relaxation.

Spiritual Connection: Purvottanasana’s upward stretch symbolizes a connection with higher consciousness, fostering a sense of spiritual awareness.


In conclusion, Purvottanasana stands not just as a yoga pose but as a gateway to a deeper understanding of oneself. The journey of mastering this pose goes beyond physical flexibility; it is a journey towards spiritual growth, mental clarity, and holistic well-being. As you embark on the path of Purvottanasana, embrace the transformative power it holds and allow it to guide you towards a mindful and fulfilling life.

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