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Music, Mindfulness, and Meditation: Top 10 playlist for Yoga

Music, Mindfulness, and Meditation: Top 10 playlist for Yoga

Music, Mindfulness, and Meditation: Top 10 playlist for Yoga

Music is a terrific stimulant for the brain. Music makes everything better, don’t you think so? The right kind of music really sets your mood and keeps you calm. Every music or playlist can be defined by a person’s mood, behaviour, energy levels and vibes. When a person is feeling energetic, the songs will automatically be happy, groovy and peppy, but, if the person is working or writing, they might prefer songs with no lyrics and listen to soulful instrumental – jazz or low-fi music. Did you know that there are many proven psychological benefits of listening to music while doing yoga which can be very powerful & help many of us cope up with the daily stress, emotional health and mental well-being?

You wake up, the fresh breeze hits you and the sun rays falls in your bedroom, you feel positive and fresh.  You are getting ready to hit the yoga mat, but before that, you remember reading this blog where music can uplift moods while doing yoga and you instantly head to your favourite playlist on your phone. The movement and the soothing music will go hand-in-hand and leave you in a meditative state of mind keeping you mindful and peaceful. You all must be wondering what kind of playlist we should create during the yoga session, well here they are –

1)   Morning Yoga playlist on Apple Music by the album Yoga Radiance & Yoga Music which has relaxing & soothing instrumental sounds

2)   Nu Meditation Music on YouTube is 1 hour 26 minutes of slow and relaxing Indian classical tunes.

3)   Songs of Eden – Modern Music Yoga playlist on Youtube is a 45 min video for all those who want to add a little modern twist to their yoga session

4)   Meditation Relax Music on YouTube is 3-hour relaxing music for that has a mix of Indian tunes with nature sounds and western beats.

5)   Yoga Music Playlist 2021 on Spotify is a 1 hour 36 minutes playlist that will be perfect for a peaceful yoga & meditation session.

6)   Namaste Yoga on Spotify has ambient sounds with Indian tunes by Rupak Kulkarni, Hariprasad Chaurasia, Kumbhaka and many more. A good 4 hour 58 minutes playlist will keep you sorted for the week.

7)   Soothing Relaxation Playlist on Youtube is for all nature lovers with a hint of the piano. Another 3-hour long playlist that is bound to leave you in a meditative state.

8)   Buddha’s Lounge – Peaceful Sounds by Shastro – a 1-hour playlist on YouTube has great Indian beats.

9)    Meditative Mind – Healing music on YouTube takes you to a Hang Drum + Tabla beats for 1 hour.

10)  Meditation & Relaxation – Tibetan Healing Sounds on YouTube happens to remove all the negative energy from your environment. A perfect playlist with Tibetan healing sounds will help you meditate easily