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Can Yoga Help You Sleep Better?

Can Yoga Help You Sleep Better?

Can Yoga Help You Sleep Better?

Yoga as philosophy illuminates the way to self-actualization through awareness and building an indestructible singularity between man and existence. The awareness of man stretches through the spectrum of knowledge attained through study and experiences and one essential part of this infinite source comes from the modern etymology of the word “yoga “, which indicates an exercise routine. 

The yogic practices have mostly been watered down in modern society into pragmatic and organic alternatives to most modern workout structures. An understanding of the subject along with the regular practice of its teachings on a metaphysical front or just in the form of an exercise routine can bring about a very desirable and comfortable lifestyle to one’s existence.

Yoga and Sleep 

Sleep is essential. It is when the mind and body are at rest. Even though there are certain bodily functions taking place, your muscles and relaxing and the body is preparing for the next day. The physiological and psychological impact of sleep has much to say in regard to basic human functionalities like behaviour, fitness, health, mood, and the ability to function normally within society. 

Yoga in its modern understanding can be extremely beneficial in inducing sleep as the asanas practised help improve body flexibility, endurance, and strength as well as relax the mind to induce deep sleep. Since yoga works on one’s body weight rather than the use of external weights, a keen understanding of the body is reinstated among the people practising this form. 

Can Yoga Help You Sleep Better?

The importance of sleep is unquestionable and there are many yogic asanas that stretch the body and enhance breathing to improve sleep patterns. The understanding that any exercise routine has the ability to induce better sleep when practised regularly and with a certain level of awareness transcends into the yogic philosophy as well. After a good yoga session, the body is tired and the mind is relaxed due to proper oxygenation of the body. This makes it easier to relax and sleep as the muscles rebuild and the mind switches off for a while. 

Benefits of a Bedtime Routine

We are creatures of habit and a routined lifestyle has proven to be more suitable in order to live a good healthy life. Having an erratic sleep cycle or even sleeping less can have many negative effects that hamper our health and daily existence.

Some of benefits of a bedtime routine have been mentioned below: 

  • A higher tendency towards obesity.
  • Increases cholesterol levels in the body.
  • Negative impact on metabolism. 
  • Mood swings 
  • Lethargy 
  • Hypertension
  • May result in high blood sugar. 

All these problems lead to the very ruining of your health and well-being and yoga has a tranquil and comprehensive approach that will free you from deprivation both physically and mentally. 

Which Yoga Is Best For Sleeping?

Considering the practice of asanas, each of them has its impact on the mind and the body which eventually can be connected to our sleep cycle, But there are some particular asanas that aid in the secretion of melatonin, a chemical secreted by our body to induce sleep. The Balasana is one such asana that helps in secreting this chemical as it activates certain acupressure points in the body (in this case the forehead). 

Is It Better To Do Yoga Before Bed Or In The Morning?

Practising yoga at any time is beneficial, but most beneficial in the morning, especially during sunrise. The morning rays of the sun are extremely rejuvenating for the body with many such traditions that make the body stronger. Certain types of yogic practices can be performed before bed but a full-fledged routine would be too much after an entire day of work.  

How Long Before Bed Should I Do Yoga?

Practising yoga before bed is a very good idea, but it is important to keep this session light. Practice asanas that are not too physically enduring like pranayama and maybe a few basic stretches like Janu Sirasana, Balasana, Bhujanasana and some meditation. Do the asanas an hour before you sleep and the meditation and pranayama just before you sleep so that your mind is clear and your breathing is stable

How Often Do You Need To Practice Yoga To Improve Sleep?

Yoga is not something you do once in a while. It should be part of your daily routine. At least 5 to 6 days a week for the exercises and pranayam with meditation every day. Then only will the practice show remarkable results and fix up a routine sleep cycle.

The Bottom Line

In a nutshell, we could say that yoga is a very practical approach to setting a routine in life which will transcend into setting up a good sleep cycle as well as regulating deep sleep. The article has discussed in depth the ways in which yoga can help with sleep and what are the impacts of not having a regulated sleep cycle. 

The article wants to shed light on the importance of sleep and sleep cycles and how they can be regulated through the practice of yogic doctrines and exercises. The article clearly elucidates the impact of yoga on the body and the mind and how certain practices can show a multitude of benefits with regard to routine and sleep. For more information, you can log on to our company website where you will find more information on topics like this and will be able to clear your doubts.