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Diving Deeper Into Yourself: The Benefits of Combining DMT and Yoga!

Benefits of Combining DMT and Yoga

Diving Deeper Into Yourself: The Benefits of Combining DMT and Yoga!

Dance Movement Therapy (DMT) and Yoga

DMT and yoga are both mind-body practices that show promising psychotherapy benefits for patients treated with them concurrently. It is plausible that practitioners who have received both DMT and yoga training would have knowledge and insight into how this dual training has affected both their professional practices and the therapeutic outcomes of their patients.

DMT has several effects on the human body and mind. Physically, DMT positively affects balance and coordination, cardiovascular endurance, and muscular strength; it also helps alleviate physical pain and muscle tension. Psychologically, DMT has been proven to enhance social, communicative, and decision-making skills. While also treating mental health issues like depression, anxiety, stress, PTSD, trauma, etc.

How Yoga Affects The Body And Mind

Yoga has a significant impact on both emotional and spiritual well-being in addition to bodily well-being. Muscle strength, improved flexibility and balance, weight loss and maintenance and cardiovascular health are among the effects that Yoga has on the body. Improved focus, motivation, resilience, and reduction of stress and anxiety are among the psychological benefits of Yoga.

How the combination of DMT and yoga can enhance the effects of each practice

A review presented that yoga and dance movement therapy can be quite complementary to each other. Both of these practices are rooted in mindfulness training. DMT and yoga are both mind-body methods that show positive psychotherapeutic usefulness; the combination of which enhances the effects of each practice.

Tips For Finding A Qualified DMT Therapist Or Yoga Teacher

Step 1 would be to determine your needs and goals. Further proceed to choose between individual or group DMT/Yoga sessions.

Step 2 would be to find DMT therapists or yoga instructors that are registered and/or certified by professional organizations; such as the American Dance Therapy Association for DMT therapists and institutions accredited by the Yoga Certification Board (YCB) for Yoga instructors. The next step would be to verify their credentials in terms of education and experience in their particular fields.

Step 3 would be to consider your DMT therapist’s or Yoga instructor’s approach and style. Read through DMT therapist/ Yoga instructor profiles wherein you will find reviews that speak to their style and approach.

Step 5 would be to consider logistics in terms of time, location, and professional fee for your sessions

Step 6 is by far the most important. Your journey with DMT and/or Yoga is quite personal and can be challenging with its emotional and spiritual inclinations, so you should make sure you are guided by someone whose abilities you respect and whose approach, style, and manner make you feel comfortable. Do not hesitate to speak with a few DMT therapists and/or Yoga instructors before you make your choice.

Recommendations for preparing for a DMT and yoga session 

  • Both these practices must be done on an empty or light stomach. 
  • A Yoga mat and comfortable clothing are other recommendations for both these practices.
  • Meditation and deep breathing before both practices are beneficial as it calms the mind and body down and prepares it for absorption of both practices, individually or integrated.

Suggestions for integrating the practices into your daily routine

  • Stretches; begin with what your body knows. You can create your routine out of any stretches. 
  • Meditate and Breathe. Exercise conscious breathing – notice your breath, sounds, the length of your breaths, etc.
  • Connect with yourself – Watch your body to see if any movement develops while listening to meditative music. This way you can be authentic to yourself in relation to movements and your body.

DMT and Yoga FAQs

Q1. What is Dance Movement Therapy (DMT)? 

Dance movement therapy or DMT is a form of holistic therapy that uses dance and movement to bring about betterment in the physical, emotional, and mental state of its subjects. 

Q2. What is yoga?

Yoga is a combination of exercise, meditation (focused thoughts), emotional regulation, and breathing control that are all components of an ancient system of activities meant to harmonize the mind and body.

Q3. Is it safe to combine DMT and yoga?

Both D/MT and yoga “address the subject of understanding one’s body/body awareness, observation abilities, and anatomy; they also address the reality that emotions are dealt with in practice” (Borskey, 2007). It is obvious that these modalities have the same objectives of interoception and emotional sobriety and that they can be used in combination as a therapeutic strategy to achieve those goals.

Q4. How can I find a qualified DMT therapist or yoga teacher?

A simple google search would direct you to several DMT therapists and/or Yoga Instructors; whose legitimacy can be verified with further research.

Q5. How can I integrate DMT and yoga into my daily routine?

Stretching, breathing, and meditation are some simple and common techniques that you can use to integrate DMT and Yoga into your daily routine. 

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