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Kathak in Yoga: Mindfulness in Motion

Kathak in Yoga: Mindfulness in Motion

Kathak in Yoga: Mindfulness in Motion

Kathak (pronounced as kah-tahk) belongs to the ancient classical dance forms with inexplicable movements. Yoga on the other hand is also an ancient mediation practise for mind, body and soul. Now, what if you combine the two practices? A new concept – Kathak Yoga is a perfect amalgamation of mind & body coordination. Every cell of your body and nerve is engaged during this form. Your breath pattern also plays a very important role while performing Kathak Yoga.

Kathak is all about those graceful moves using the movement of both your hands and legs and yoga is all about reaching at the right poses in a smooth transition. Combining the two forms will help your concentration and keep you more mindful.

Kathak Yoga requires a lot of practice. Once you ace this, the journey that you are in will make you in complete harmony with your inner self. While you practice this wonderful art, it acts as meditation in motion. Imagine this, you have worn your ghungroo, the sound attracts you, at the same time you are singing the melody with tihais. The entire time you perform this, you are in rhythm, and you are balanced, it acts as a oneness of body and mind. An hour of Kathak Yoga will help you perspire, release toxins from the body, you start feeling light-hearted, & this transition takes you to a meditative state and prepares you for healing.

Dance & yoga is a spiritual journey that you will want to perform for the rest of your life. This form of communication is completely divine. Infusing dance and meditative practices also involve discipline in philosophy, literature, history and music. The dance, the music, the meditation, the postures, all of them is a display of rhythmic movements. Without the taal, kathak moves are incomplete and without the postures and meditation, yoga is incomplete.

Making kathak yoga a part of your daily sadhana will delve you into bringing stability to your daily mental health well-being.

This spiritual exercise will help you push beyond your mental boundaries, physical stamina and nurture your overall holistic health.

Inspired by the rishis and sadhus, this form of dance improves concentration, stamina, endurance and focus. To inspire others with this form of art and be a guru, you must have a good experience of at least 15-20 years. To keep up to the respect of the word “guru”, acing good 30 years in this practice will show you fruitful results.

Now I am sure you all must have understood the concept of Kathak & Yoga. Do take up this form of art at least once, and see how you embark on your spiritual journey.

Refresh, re-energise and get connected with the sur & taal of the beats and the beautiful asanas of yoga all in one.