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Is There Any Side Effects of Chakra Meditation?

Side Effects of Chakra Meditation

Is There Any Side Effects of Chakra Meditation?

Chakra Meditation – Overview

Since the time we have hit this global pandemic, millions of people have leaned toward spirituality & connected deeply to experience things they have never felt. Everyone is looking at various ways to stay in high spirits, positive, and away from the off-putting news circulating around.

Chakra meditation is one of them is followed by many. There are many professionals who continue practising chakra meditation & there are some who have been inspired to learn and practice this meditation. Chakra meditation focuses on 7 major chakras, starting from root chakra down and working up toward the crown (head). When the chakras connect, your energy moves up by opening up your crown chakra.

Should we be taking precautions while practising chakra meditation? Yes, if you are new to this and a beginner, you must be guided or you must learn the correct ways of practising it. While the feeling of opening your chakras feels blissful and magical, there are debates and articles on how it can be felt otherwise if not done correctly.

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Side Effects of Chakra Meditation

There are many ways to find out if your chakras are balanced or imbalanced. You feel something is off, you feel you are ill; you start to feel everything is falling apart and so much more. You decided to start chakra meditation and as a beginner, you are new, you are lost on how to start, but you must know how to practice it correctly with good knowledge.

Here are some possible side effects of chakra mediation that could occur if not done with proper guidance or knowledge:

1. Changes in breathing pattern

Chakra meditation helps us unblock our mind, spirit, and body from negativity. It stabilizes our breathing patterns, but, if not practised correctly may lead to heavy breathing where a person ends up feeling claustrophobic. Meditation should ease your breathing pattern. There are feelings of panic, anxiety etc that lead to changes in breathing patterns.

2. Reactions to certain situations or memories

There are many negative thoughts that are embedded deep inside our mind which may occur or trigger re-living of past traumas. Incorrect meditation practices have higher chances of making a person feel bad experiences or negative thoughts from the past. Anyone going through all this must consult a professional to get rid of those certain negative thoughts or memories.

3. Nausea

The taste and smell senses could be altered through chakra meditation. Feeling uneasy and heavy after meditation is one of the side effects. You may feel like you don’t want to eat anything, just rest it out and hydrate yourself.

4. Panic

You may feel a bit overwhelmed after chakra meditation. As a beginner, you might be experiencing the aftereffect for the first time. But, if done correctly, you will not experience a sense of panic, anxiety, nervousness, or sweaty.

After chakra meditation, one must feel relaxed, and not in a state of panic. Sometimes a person ends up thinking of incidents that may trigger them or have negative thoughts of the future, past or present.

These feelings are a sign that you have not done your chakra meditation correctly.

5. Hallucination

According to some studies, hallucinations, illusions, or seeing visions were a part of post chakra meditation. Some people go into a meditative state of mind to experience these things which may lead to frustration and an unproductive mindset.

6. Irrational thoughts

Thoughts & everything related to your thinking process is all related to your crown chakra. You must be new to chakra meditation that didn’t go as you thought it would without guidance. The negative impact on incorrect meditation may lead to mind blockages that make you perceive every difficulty or trouble as a personal attack. You might sense that only bad things happen to you which can lead to feeling anxious or having a fear inside you. Here you tend to feel the victim and attract more negativity for yourself.

7. Lack of interest in a particular activity

Feeling disconnected from things, people, or work and showing a lack of interest in these things are some of the ways you can feel that your chakra meditation was not performed with proper guidance or knowledge.

Each one of us walks the path of spirituality on our own, but certain things do need an expert’s guidance in order to not feel these things. You might feel aloof, you won’t feel like being a part of gatherings with friends or family. Is this something you have experienced?


Depending on what troubles you are facing in life, you might have a negative effect if you don’t perform chakra meditation correctly. In order to stay away from the negative feelings and side effects, always opt for guided meditation, a yoga teacher or an expert who knows how to lead the chakra meditation without feeling all of the above.

All sorts of worries affect your 7 chakras differently. Your chakras are blocked if you feel things are not going well in your life. The energy flow is blocked which if not done correctly, ends up having adverse effects.

Now that you have understood the importance of why chakra meditation is important with an expert or a teacher, we hope that for your own betterment and mental health you take the right measures. Mental health issues are real and we want you to take utmost care of yourself when you want to unblock all the chakras and negativity from your life.