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How to Avoid Skin Damage in Winter Season by Yoga

Avoid Skin Damage in Winter Season by Yoga

How to Avoid Skin Damage in Winter Season by Yoga

Many people are sensitive to the winter season. Some end up having changes in the mind and body like feeling lethargic, feeling low due to the gloomy weather, feeling stiff due to low to no activity and so much more, and many people end up facing internal issues like damaged and dry skin, digestion issues, low immunity, etc.

Either we complain about the problems we are facing or find a way to beat them. It is our body and we must ensure that we make a body and health our number one priority. We must wake up and make a determination to change our lives, change the way we did things, and take control of our daily routine.

7 Effective Yoga for Skin Problems

When our digestive system is not up to mark, a lot of skin concerns like acne, dry skin, eczema, psoriasis, etc rise up. There will always be a correlation between our skin and stomach. We are what we eat and it does end up affecting our skin.

A bad lifestyle is a major concern of going through such skin concerns. A weak kidney or intestinal leads to skin damage, but in order to prevent all this, we are giving you 7 effective yoga asanas that are very important to fix your skin concerns during winter.

Here are 7 effective yoga asana can help you to avoid skin damage in winter:

1. Uttanasana or standing forward bend

Circulation of blood to face, head, and neck is very important, hence this pose helps you with bending forward and increasing a better circulation by promoting healthy skin and relaxing your facial muscles.

2. Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose)

This pose helps in rejuvenating your skin and detoxifying it. This pose helps you open your heart and lungs and improves your breathing which results in a better skin condition. This asana may help in treating conditions like acne, psoriasis, regulating imbalanced hormones, and removing toxins from the body.

3. Viparita Karani

This asana is a great way to ensure oxygen reaches your face. The posture makes you push your legs up in the air with the help of uplifting your hips. Once you are comfortable in this position, breathe and let the oxygen flow to your face.

4. Pawanmuktasana

Wind releasing pose – the best way to clear your digestive tract and problems related to it. It flushes out the toxins that improve your circulation and digestive system.

5. Kapala–randra-dhouti

This method is most effective for cleansing the pores of your facial skin through friction massage. The massage technique is used by adding pressure on your forehead, behind the ears, neck, and cheeks. A very nice way to improve blood circulation.

 6. Vamana-dhouti

As we mentioned earlier having a clean and healthy stomach is very important in order to have skin with diseases or damages. This technique is used by drinking a liter of water with salt and bicarbonate of soda mixed in equal portions, massaging the abdominal area, and throwing up the entire liquid through your throat with the help of your fingers. This cleanses your stomach and removes the toxins from inside.

7. Deep Breathing

deep breathing is the best and most effective way to cleanse your system. It is important you fill your lungs with fresh air and eventually, you will see how your skin starts to glow. Having a clean system from within is important to have a glowing exterior.

Which Yoga is Best for Skin Problems?

Yoga in general is the best and most effective way for all your health concerns. You will not notice changes overnight, but when you make it your daily routine, you will slowly and eventually start to notice the differences. It requires a lot of determination and a positive mindset that will help you and your body, mind, and soul. Skin problems are something that is a concern for many. If your skin condition is bad, you tend to have low self-confidence and low self-esteem.

We want you to understand the importance of making yoga a daily habit like drinking water.


There are many methods on how to reduce stress and the impact it has on psoriasis. Yoga pumps in good circulation and reduces inflammation. There are many studies that have proven that as simple as a 10-minute yoga session for good eight weeks have shown drastic results of reduced inflammation. Practicing deep breathing, yoga poses like a child’s pose, and meditation can really benefit a person with this skin condition.

How Can I Save My Skin in Winter?

Alongwith practicing yoga daily and mindfully breathing to clear the toxins from your body, it is equally important to ensure what your intake is and eat. Having a good lifestyle with good food habits is very important. Everything like exercising and eating well goes hand-in-hand. You cannot expect yoga alone to take care of your skin conditions and eat fatty and oily foods daily.

Indulge in seasonal fruits, seasonal vegetables, seeds/nuts, good water intake, items that are good for your immune system like amla in winters, ghee which is good fat, honey, etc.

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When you make a conscious effort to live a lifestyle that is healthy and good, you automatically start to see changes in your skin. Even with seasonal changes that affect you regularly, you will start to notice drastic changes. With a great immune system healthy body and mind, you can cure many skin-related concerns.

We have plenty of articles on yoga for beginners and advanced. If you are committed to taking the determination to make changes in your routine and lifestyle, you are bound to reap the benefits. Along with exterior changes, our mind from within is also important that stays relaxed, stress-free, and calm. Depression and other mental health issues are also major concerns that affect our bodies and mind. We hope that this blog helps you stay happy and healthy this winter.

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